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Napier USA

Umbrella/Seat Stick

Umbrella/Seat Stick

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The completely new specification Umbrella Seat Sticks and now lighter and stronger than ever.
New 16mm Alloy shaft is 20% stronger than our previous models and weighs just 974Grams.
They are full size at 40" 100cm Diameter, made from best quality non fade waterproof fabric over rustproof nylon frames. They are remarkably strong and durable and will survive extreme wind and weather.
The Seat is 32" 81cm high ( Vertical) and has a new extra large handle/ seat that is made from fine quality double layer stitched hide, 3.5mm thick.
The Alloy handles are wrapped and hand stitched in matching soft leather.
The polished alloy folding ground plate, is strong and large enough to be secure in hard or soft ground.

Each one bears the Napier of London Logo in gold on 2 panels and is offered in Green with Tan Leather.

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