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Napier USA

Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask (500ml or 1ltr)

Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask (500ml or 1ltr)

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Napier of London vacuum flasks are made from stainless steel inside and out and are true vacuum vessels, they use no foam or glass and are virtually unbreakable. The vacuum is guaranteed for 5 years. Napier flasks will provide optimum heat retention capability for over 24 hours. Napier flasks are built to take the knocks of active outdoor life, they will not affect the flavour of the contents and can be used to keep any beverage hot or cold, ideal for hot drinks, soups or even your favourite wine. Napier flasks conform to BS 6672 and carry a full 5 year guarantee on the vacuum vessel.

500ml (.88 pint) 

1 litre (1.76 pints) 

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