Napier Gun cleaner and gun oil in pump spray containers.

Napier Gun cleaner and gun oil in pump spray containers.

Press Release

 Napier Gun Cleaner Lubricant and Gun Oil



Napier are pleased to announce the launch of their 2 most popular chemicals now in non-pressurised pump packs.

 Napier’s renowned gun care range has been popular across the world for decades, and all are made in England and incorporate VP90® corrosion inhibitor.

 For use on all types of firearms, Gun Oil and Cleaner Lube will clean and protect with amazing results, but until now the 2 most popular packs have been CFC free aerosols.   

 The huge growth of mail order and web sales by our retailers has highlighted the issue of transport, and whilst the products are safe, the propellant in all aerosols is normally Butane/ Propane, at 41% of volume just like in deodorants etc.  This makes it impossible to transport by air or even by mail.

 The new Pump Packs contain exactly the same amount of product as our aerosols, but are lighter, smaller and safer. And all at exactly the same price as the normal cans.

 So when travelling at home or abroad this will become the choice of many shooters and a real bonus to our exporters and mail order retailers.

 Ask your local gun shop for these handy cans, available now from all Napier of London stockists.

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