Napier of london: Press Release. OCT 2019: Pull through kit packaging upgrade.

Napier of london: Press Release. OCT 2019: Pull through kit packaging upgrade.

Napier is pleased to announce the uprating of two of their most popular cleaning kits.


Both now feature the new environmentally friendly Non pressurised pump packs of Airgun Oil, or the Gun Cleaner Lubricant.

These products are still available to consumers in both the original Aerosol version and now these new Pump packs, as a personal choice but will be supplied in each new kit from Autumn 2019 exclusively in the new Eco Friendly version. Being unpressurised the pump sprays are lighter in weight and contain no flammable propellant.

Exactly the same amount of active ingredient in each pack, but easier and safer to transport. So a win for the environment, and they can now be safely and legally transported by air.

As part of Napier’s packaging audit, the issues of waste and sustainability have been addressed too, as both of these kits are now packed in environmentally friendly bio degradable card. Saving thousands of plastic blister packs every year.

Napier is committed to reducing waste where ever possible and will continue to design and produce better packaging for all of its products.

Napier has always been active in designing sustainable packaging and has been offering the unique GA refill system in its Formula X and Gun Cleaner lubricant products. This proven inventive option has been available exclusively from Napier for over 12 years and allows the user to refill at home their 125ml Cans from the Giant 750ml sprays. Saving money and the environment, No need to ever throw away the small cans again.

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