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Apex Edge 70ml (2.3 us oz) Dropper bottle or Apex Edge Knife care kit

Any user of hunting, fishing and sporting knives will know that the better the edge the higher the maintenance.

A good blade will have a carbon content, and Damascus blades in particular require more protection.

There are countless knife sharpening systems on the market, and most will achieve excellent results when used as directed, traditionally this was achieved by using carborundum stones to sharpen and hone the edge and this system always requires the stone to be lubricated, by oil or water.

There are now many dry sharpening systems in use as well, like the simple butcher's steel, now often diamond or tungsten configured devices that can quickly remove metal and achieve an edge.

Whatever method is used, the result is a newly cut and shaped EDGE to any blade, which particularly with the dry sharpeners will be highly susceptible to rust.

Most of the kits available supply some sort of honing oil, but these are generally Petroleum Distillate base, and are labelled poisonous. Whilst not a problem for Axes, and chisels, this is a real dilemma for hunters, butchers, and chefs. As the knives they have just sharpened need to be protected, and WILL be in contact with food.

Napier has now addressed this challenge with the Launch of APEX EDGE, as it is a very effective honing oil, Manufactured in England from highly refined mineral and vegetable oils, it will prevent clogging of the stones and avoid excess cutting. Edge is particularly effective and is invaluable for application directly to the new edge formed by the Dry sharpening devices.

Edge is easy to apply to any bladed instrument, knife, saw, or mincer blade, and is certified FOOD SAFE, so there is no need to wash or remove it before use.

Regular use of Apex EDGE will ensure that beautiful knives are clean and remain untarnished, yet perfectly safe for all uses.

Damascus blades in particular are prone to corrosion if not maintained, APEX EDGE is quick, easy to apply, and effective.

Available: in 70ml (2.3 us oz) dropper bottle $10.45


The Knife care kit includes a 10ml (.33) dropper bottle of Apex Edge, a high density FELT fabric pad/ Strop , an ultra-fine grade steel wool pack with full instructions and a resealable, plastic bag for storage. Used together with the APEX EDGE oil, quickly and easily removes stains and rust from any blade without the fear of scratching a cherished knife, the FELT PAD/ STROP once impregnated makes it a very simple job to occasionally draw a blade across the surface to deposit a protective film. And as EDGE is certified food safe, it does not need to be washed off or removed. $7.35

By using Edge regularly, and always, after sharpening, you can be assured that your favourite knife will be protected whilst in storage.