Super VP90 Corrosion Inhibitor Super VP90 Corrosion Inhibitor
VP90 is specifically developed for the needs of sportsmen, and is the only product of its type to be endorsed by SUZUKI.
It is manufactured in England using only ISO approved and certified raw materials, and is guaranteed to protect a 35.5 cubic feet, 1 cubic meter airspace for 12 month, regardless of temperature, humidity and corrosive environments such as found on board ships, oil rigs etc.

Metal objects protected by VP90 require no further treatment before handling, and can be painted or welded, the Mono Molecular coating is self healing and will not bond to wood, plastic, glass or any organic materials.

It is therefore recommended for use where agressive drying by dessicant products, would cause severe damage to wood, leather etc.

VP90 is suitable for use in display cases, archive storage systems, tool boxes, lockers etc.

As VP90 specifilcally does NOT absorb moistue, but protects metal from corrosion in highy humid conditions, no further treatment or products are required.

For applications where organic, materials may suffer from damp storage, it is possible to use conventional dessicant products along with the VP90 Vapor system, but care should be taken to avoid aggressive drying of wooden gun stocks, antiques etc, as this may cause splitting and irrepairable damage.

Super VP90 is simple, proven, economical and effective.